I know it’s been a while…a damn long while…but hey, sometime’s life is just fucked and you run out of steam, have nothing left to give and feel like disappearing for a while. No? Well…with that said, I feel like I’ve at least found some direction again and have some motivation for the first time in months. It’s been a rough year.

Anyway, I’ve already written about my experiences as DoP, Editor and Colourist on Robin Brown’s film ‘The Resurgence’ a Pokemon fan film, many times…and I’m sure you’re sick of that by now hehe…But every time I revisit a shot, it get’s me excited and reminds me of the great experience that involved struggles and success, team work and all the other fun stuff that comes with filmmaking. I get asked a LOT to break down lighting from the teasers, so here’s another shot below…one of my favorites.

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